Royal Arsenal Railway

On the once-sprawling Royal Arsenal site in South East London, a narrow gauge railway system was the transport of choice.

The Woolwich is the only surviving locomotive from the Royal Arsenal.

Take yourself back to the very start of rail transport at the Arsenal; read about the company that built the locos, when and why they were commissioned, why they were decommissioned and what happened next.

Part I: Avonside Engine Co: The Beginning

Part II: Avonside Engine Co: The Second Chapter

Part III: Avonside Engines come to the Royal Arsenal

Part IV: The Royal Arsenal and Narrow Gauge

Part V: The End of Steam at the Royal Arsenal?

Part VI: The Fate of The Woolwich

This narrow gauge history of the Royal Arsenal was penned by Mark Smithers and Robin Parkinson.  Sign up for further notifications on the right-hand column and never miss an installment. 

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