Saturday, 16 July 2011

Second Chance: WOOLWICH on the small screen

Woolwich has been captivating Crossness Engines visitors since her arrival on site this year, bringing a tangible delight to young and old.

At every step we're made aware of the gravity of this project, particularly to locals with a deep rooted bond to the area: we've heard from people all over the country with a family connection to the Royal Arsenal's railways.

So it is with great delight that we can share the loco's small screen debut.  For those of you who missed the original broadcast, we have acquired the footage shown on the BBC News in May when Woolwich was transported to the Crossness Engines Trust.  Double-click the video to watch it full-screen.

You can listen to a candid history of the Royal Arsenal on BBC iplayer.  This radio programme features a comprehensive interview at about 33 minutes into the recording.  Catch it now - it's only available for the next six days.

We will shortly be inviting the new volunteers to Crossness for a special introduction day - get in contact if you'd like to hear more!  

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